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New Features for Summer 2010

The MathXL New Feature Release is scheduled for Saturday-Sunday, June 26-27, 2010. Please be sure that the Adobe Flash Player version 10.0 or later is installed on your computer. Earlier versions of the Flash Player will no longer be supported. See the New Features list for details.

New Features for Winter 2010

The MathXL New Feature Release is scheduled for Sunday-Tuesday, December 27-29, 2009. No new player installation is required with this release. See the New Features list for details.

New Features for June 2009

Read about the new features released for MyMathLab and MathXL on June 27, 2009.

Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer® 8

You do not need to take any action to use MyMathLab with IE 8.

Features Released in January 2009!

The MyMathLab and MathXL New Feature Release occurred on Tuesday, December 23, 2008. No new player installation was required with this release. See the New Features list for details.

Pearson Course Redesign Workshop, October 2008

Could your students do better in their introductory courses? Join us on October 17-18, s2008 in Tucson for Pearson's Course Redesign Workshop! Visit for more information.

Features Released in Summer 2008

MathXL Gives Students A Head Start on College Learning

A recent survey found that only 34% of high school graduates arrive on campus actually prepared to do college-level work. But students at West St. John High School in Louisiana are bucking this trend by doing the same math that's taught at Louisiana State University, and they're doing it using MathXL. Learn why these students and their teachers say MathXL has helped them become better prepared for college.

Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7

On November 2, 2006, Microsoft made Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) part of its update system. When you upgrade to IE 7, you will also need to install a new version of the MathXL Player (v

To install the new version of the Player, log in to your course and use the Installation Wizard to guide you through the installation.

For more information, please contact Product Support.

Features Released in January 2008

Features Released in Summer/Fall 2007

Features Released in January 2007

Features Released in Summer/Fall 2006

MathXL Player Available for Calculus and Statistics Courses

For ©2006 Calculus and ©2007 Statistics (MyStatLab) courses and beyond, the MathXL® Player is used to present online exercises. Exercises in these new courses include guided solutions and sample problems—the features students report loving the most in their lower-level MathXL courses. Instructors teaching these calculus and statistics courses can now:

View a complete list of courses that Use the MathXL Player to display online exercises with guided solutions and sample problems. (Adobe® Acrobat Reader® required)

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