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MathXL is an innovative series of text-specific online courses that accompany Pearson Addison-Wesley and Pearson Prentice Hall textbooks in mathematics and statistics.

Since 2001, MathXL has helped over 3 million students succeed at math at more than 1,750 colleges and universities. Students and educators alike have benefited from MathXL's dependable and easy-to-use online homework, tests, guided solutions, multimedia, and tutorial exercises. Pearson's service teams provide training and support when you need it, and MathXL offers the broadest range of titles available for adoption.

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MathXL has a proven track record of increasing student success rates. MathXL engages students in active learning—it’s modular, self-paced, accessible anywhere with Web access, and adaptable to each student’s learning style, and instructors can easily customize MathXL to better meet their students' needs. Surveys show that MathXL’s immediate feedback and tutorial assistance motivate students to do more homework, which means they retain more knowledge and improve their test scores. Institutions across the country have reported increases in pass rates of 30-40% using MathXL, and the increase in success is often accompanied by a reduction in costs.

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I can spend less time grading and more time helping students. I am excited to see students working the problems over and over until they get them correct. The instant feedback is wonderful.

Kirk Trigsted, University of Idaho

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