Case Studies

Learn about how several instructors have successfully integrated MathXL/MyMathLab into different course structures and how their students have succeeded. (These case studies describe MyMathLab, which is powered by MathXL.)

Assigning Online Homework

Kirk Trigsted, University of Idaho

“Out of a total of 491 students who finished the course, 457 chose the MyMathLab option for homework, while only 34 students chose to do the textbook homework option. Therefore, 93% of our student population prefer working problems using MyMathLab over working traditional textbook homework.”

Lecture/Lab Setting

Darlene Winnington, Delaware Technical & Community College

“The most widely used feature is "guided solution". Many students have expressed learning math through the guided solutions. The guided solutions help at home and help the student avoid complete frustration by providing an explanation.”

Traditional Classroom Environment

Dr. Annette M. Burden, Youngstown State University (OH)

“Our pass rate went from 35% to 75%-85% depending upon the term. [...] The course [taught with MyMathLab] has significantly improved the success rate of students in the Engineering Tech program.”

Online Course

Gwen Terwilliger, University of Toledo (OH)

“MyMathLab is most definitely producing the teaching and learning results we expected. We learn as we go along how to take even greater advantage of what MyMathLab has to offer.”

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