2006 Feature Preview


News & Events: Features Released for Summer 2006 Classes

For summer 2006, MathXL got an exciting new look. Based on customer feedback, we enhanced both the design and feature set to make MathXL even faster and easier to use.

Take a tour of the Summer 2006 features for MyMathLab and MathXL, or click the links below* for information about the great new features you'll see in MathXL in time for fall classes.

*Note: the designs shown below are subject to revision.

MathXL Gradebook page

More powerful, spreadsheet-style Gradebook

A new spreadsheet-style Gradebook shows all assignments for all students. Navigational controls make it easy to move to any assignment quickly. All Gradebook views are updated with advanced sorting, frequently used tools, and friendly menu options for advanced settings, such as how attempts are counted and grades are calculated.

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MathXL Homework/Test Manager page

Consolidated Homework/Test Manager

In the new combined Homework/Test Manager, you can view and arrange all assignments in a single ordered list. This new view is especially helpful for setting prerequisites and adjusting assignments to match your syllabus from semester to semester. You can also view specific assignment types by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the page; for example, click Homework to view only homework assignments. The Homework/Test Manager provides more information and tools at your fingertips to help you create, copy, preview, and assign your exercises.

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MathXL Assignments page

New Assignment Settings -- Partial Credit

For any homework, quiz, or test, you can allow students to receive partial credit on questions with more than one part.

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MathXL Announcements page

Student-friendly announcements

The MathXL announcements page displays friendly "what's due" reminders and provides direct links to upcoming assignments.

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MathXL Homework and Tests page

Streamlined page designs and faster navigation

Students will benefit from user-friendly page views for doing homework and taking a quiz or test. Students can quickly switch views to see all their homework, all their quizzes and tests, or all their course work.

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MathXL Study Plan page

Enhanced Study Plan

Students can now assess their progress more easily at a glance. Friendly new icons in the Study Plan help students distinguish between the topics they have mastered and the topics they still need to work on, and they can quickly jump to a view of only those topics requiring additional practice.

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