Success Stories

MathXL is reshaping how math is taught and learned in college mathematics courses.

MathXL Student Voices: Interviews from the University of Florida

In this video created by Sasha Rodriguez, a student at the University of Florida and a Pearson Campus Ambassador, Sasha interviews her peers about about how MathXL has helped them succeed in their math courses.

Making the Grade, V.3, Summer 2008: The Positive Impact of MyMathLab and MathXL

"At schools where MyMathLab or MathXL is most fully integrated into the curriculum--where usage is required and weighted as a significant percentage of the final course grade--we see measurable gains in student learning."

--from Making the Grade: A Compendium of Data-Driven Case Studies on the Effectiveness of MyMathLab and MathXL (Version 3, Summer 2008)

MathXL Gives Students A Head Start on College Learning

A recent survey found that only 34% of high school graduates arrive on campus actually prepared to do college-level work. But students at West St. John High School in Louisiana are bucking this trend by doing the same math that's taught at Louisiana State University, and they're doing it using MathXL. Watch a case study video to learn why these students and their teachers say MathXL has helped them become better prepared for college.


Find out from educators and students, in their own words, how MathXL has transformed their classroom experience. Read their testimonials on how MathXL has made math easier and more enjoyable to teach and learn.

Case Studies

(These case studies are based on MyMathLab, which is powered by MathXL.)

I love MathXL. I am able to learn math on my own and take the time that I need to learn it without being embarrassed. It’s great and I will always use it.”

Student from the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

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