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MathXL Browser Check or Installation Wizard

To complete online assignments in MathXL, students log into their course through a supported web browser. In order to view and complete assignments in MathXL, users must work within the MathXL® Player—a specialized tool that displays algorithmic math exercises and allows students to enter math notation in their answers. Depending on the course, students need either Adobe® Flash® or a Pearson proprietary MathXL® Player browser plug-in installed on their computer.

To install the MathXL Player (and any other standard Internet plug-ins, such as QuickTime® and Flash®, needed to display multimedia course content), instructors and students use the MathXL Browser Check or Installation Wizard, depending on their course. These tools are configured to install only the plug-ins and players needed for an individual course (based on the textbook used).

System Requirements

Most MathXL courses support either Windows® or Macintosh® operating systems and a supported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, or Safari®. Other requirements vary, depending on the textbook in use for the course.

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