The Dunham School

Course Structure

MyMathLab is used in the classroom during math lab days and at home when students are completing assignments. Students use MyMathLab everyday either in class or at home.

I used MyMathLab for the majority of homework assignments in my Algebra II courses. We use a hybrid approach for assessments. Students take traditional paper/pencil quizzes and testes in addition to quizzes and tests in MyMathLab. I create these paper/pencil tests from the TestGen application. Students also complete spiral review exercises in MyMathLab. Students take practice tests in MyMathLab prior to the paper/pencil assessments and personalized assignments are created on objectives not mastered. I create all of my own assignments from the database of exercises in MyMathLab. For presentations, I use the pre-made PowerPoints and edit them as needed. Once they're done, I import them to my Promethean board to display to the class.

MyMathLab homework assignments are 15% of the grade. Students are required to show work in a composition notebook and these are checked 2 to 3 times per grading period. MyMathLab quizzes are 15% of the grade and students may take quizzes an unlimited number of times. MyMathLab tests comprise 10% of the grade.

Teacher Experience

MyMathLab has transformed the learning environment in my classroom. It eliminates the need for me to take class time checking homework and going over answers. I am able to individualize instruction for my students. I can work one on one with students who need extra help and other students are able to work ahead. Most of my students use the online help features to complete assignments even when they are absent from school. The item analysis feature enables me to see which questions students are spending the most time working and the amount of time students spend on assignments.

Student Experience

Students have reacted in a positive manner. Most of the students love the immediate feedback and the support features. I have had students tell me that in the past they did not do well in math, but this program motivates students to work problems until they get 100%. Many students admit that in the past they would just write anything down when doing math homework and since it was not checked for credit, they would receive credit with little effort. Now the students are “doing” more math and as a result they are seeing an improvement in their grade. The level of student engagement in the classroom when working in math lab is astonishing. Students collaborate with each other and remain on task. I have heard students make comments such as “I like doing math” and one student told me that she was up until 1 in the morning working ahead on math.

Course Results / Outcomes

I did have students complete surveys the first year that I used the program. The results were very positive with most students stating although they were working harder and doing more math in the past, the program helped them to better understand math concepts. I have also seen an increase in my A/B/C rate and a decrease in D/F. I will be gathering information this year on student PLAN and ACT scores to see if there is an impact on standardized test scores.

Additional Comments

MyMathLab has been a great resource in my classroom. It has helped to motivate students, enhance student engagement, and increase the efficiency of class time. As a result, I am able to have students complete activities that require critical thinking and problem solving. These activities allow students to explore the math content at a deeper level using technology and collaboration. In the past there was not time for such activities because class time was wasted checking and reviewing homework.