Broadmoor High School

Course Structure

Johnson used MyMathLab twice a week during the first semester, slightly more during the second semester. During each semester, she assigned 64 homework assignments and 15 tests/quizzes representing 20 percent of the course grade in the first semester and 45 percent of the course grade in the second semester. Those who don’t have computer access at home could use one of three computers in the classroom or work at the library. (A delay receiving student access codes meant a late start using the program the first semester.)

Teacher Experience

Even before participating in the LSU College Readiness Program, Johnson believed in MyMathLab. “I’d seen it in action and was very happy to get it,” she says. “After I got over the newness of it, I was able to switch gears in my teaching so that my lessons and my students’ work online in the lab supported each other. It works better for me and is a whole lot better for my students.” Johnson particularly appreciates the program’s flexibility, its Gradebook features, and the accountability and problem-solving skills it promotes.

  • Flexibility in use and reporting capabilities. “I love that I can scale and adjust class assignments per type of student, such as inclusion students,” says Johnson. “Plus, I can pull all sorts of reports—per class, per student, per objective— and easily collect the data to justify funding more of this kind of teaching.”
  • Enables defensible grading. “Because the program keeps track of everything from number of times logged in and time on task to missed assignments and real-time scores, I can confidently answer parents who want to know what their child is—and isn’t—doing,” says Johnson.

Student Experience

MyMathLab helps students feel like they have a teacher with them whenever and wherever they’re doing math—in the lab, at the library, or at home. “The program supports my students’ learning,” says Johnson. “Because of it, they learn to problem solve, be accountable, and gain confidence and skills that will help them throughout their academic career.”

Johnson’s students also appreciate the program’s convenience. “They can do their work at home anytime that fits their schedule and with the Help Me Solve This feature, help is always available,” she says.

MyMathLab’s immediate feedback offers another plus for Johnson’s students. “It makes them happy to receive positive feedback from the program—for many it’s the first time they’ve received a score of 100 percent,” says Johnson. “When they see that they’re capable of such a score, it’s like they can conquer the world. They gain confidence faster and with more impact, and it gives them the edge to keep going. And for those who want to work ahead, they can.”

Student Gains

Because MyMathLab keeps students interested and engaged, Johnson’s class remains on task longer and does more math problems than it would in a traditionally taught class. “What’s more, because I can offer optional free quizzes, my students have the opportunity to self assess and take responsibility for their learning. They learn exactly what they’ve mastered and what they still need to work on.

And it works—this year, 82 percent of my students passed the EOC exam versus only 46 percent who passed last year.”

MyMathLab made an even bigger impact on student success with Johnson’s special education students. “They were able to complete additional work in their study skills class,” says Johnson. “At the end of the semester, more than 55 percent passed the class compared to only 11 percent in 2010.”